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Research Phase 3. E-consultation guide

By this phase we can jointly produce a guide to e-consultation processes and technologies that are:

  1. based on research, rather than speculation,
  2. appropriate to the requirements for consultation in both parts of Ireland and
  3. can cope with the degree of conflict found in public sector decision-making and inter-communal deliberation.

QUB will help the E-Consultation Study Group produce an on-line guide to e-consultation, disseminating the results of the earlier phases of this research.

This guide will be launched at a number of workshops in Northern Ireland and the borders, aimed at public and voluntary sector bodies involved in consultation. Each workshop will include training on e-consultation techniques and technologies, and evaluation sessions to find out how the participants might make use of the technologies. The workshops will be organised by the E-Consultation Study Group/QUB and the Letterkenny Institute of Technology.